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Below you'll find an outline of what the media room offers, including discussion questions that address not just abortion but also worship and mental illness.

If you have a family-friendly audience, we can talk about worship and prayer with no mention of abortion.

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Contents of the Media Room

Statement about Politics

Description of ReTested


  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Abortion Statistics in the American Church


  • Sample Interview Questionswith no mention of abortion
  • Worship-Focused Prayer Resources Mentioned in ReTested
  • Worship Music Mentioned in ReTested


  • Sample Interview Questions

BIO: Cheryl Krichbaum

Inspiration & Back Story for the Faces of Abortion Series

Statement about politics

I am not the right person to talk about the politics surrounding abortion. My 1-1/2 page introduction to the book is as political as I'll get. If you want to talk politics, please contact Abby Johnson.

My first audience is pro-life Christians. We need to get this thing right within our own church family. We are the church, and the abortion rate within the church is as high as 36%. It should be zero.

Discussing abortion with our friends and family is an opportunity to show the love of Christ like Jesus did with the woman at the well and the woman caught in adultery. I believe in attracting people to the pro-life movement and to Christ with honey, not vinegar. Let me help your audience choose sweet words that tell the truth in love.

Description of ReTested

Cheryl saw her sister struggle with mental illness. She felt neglected as her parents shifted their focus from her to her sister and nephew. So, she found love elsewhere.

Pregnant and 17, abortion was the logical choice.

After 14 years of "living" like the walking dead, Cheryl had a loving encounter with Jesus Christ. Realizing her sin, she blamed everyone else. But once she accepted responsibility, she felt God's forgiveness.

Cheryl told her story a few times to large church groups. Feeling like she got the Christian cold shoulder, she went silent for many years—until she was on her first mission trip. Now she had to decide whether to accept His call.

And then, her brother becomes mentally ill—and homeless.

Feeling tested and retested and ReTested again, Cheryl learns to stop striving and start thriving, even though the tests don't end.

Find out Cheryl's secret to responding well to life's tests and learn how she thinks the abortion conversation needs to change.

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ReTested & Abortion

Sample Interview Questions

  1. In 60 seconds, what is ReTested about?
  2. ReTested is the first book in the Faces of Abortion Series. Tell me about the series.
  3. Tell me about your background. What was your family like when you were in high school? How old were you when you had the abortion?
  4. Why did you choose abortion?
  5. Before the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag, women did not usually tell people they had abortions. Why do you think that has changed? Why do you share about your abortion?

    [#ShoutYourAbortion started with one woman's post in 2015, and it got a reboot the summer of 2018 with an O magazine article. She was upset about legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, so she posted her gratefulness for her abortion. Her friend shared her social media post with the hashtag #shoutyourabortion, which started a movement of women telling their abortion stories "without regret, shame, or sadness." The Faces of Abortion Series shares abortion stories of healed women who are now Christians who do feel regretful, shameful, and sad about their abortions not to justify what they did but to inform the pro-life community on how abortion-minded think.]

  6. You shared your abortion testimony several times in church when you were a new Christian, but then you went quiet for many years. Why is that?
  7. From a spiritual perspective, what happens to women who abort?
  8. You talk about healing from your abortion. How does one heal from abortion?
  9. What recommendations do you have for talking to someone who is pro-choice or, as you say, abortion-minded?
  10. Courtney Kirchoff wrote an opinion piece on Louder with Crowder stating that abortion is about selfishness. How do you respond to that?
  11. Michael L Brown blogged on Life Site News 5 Reasons Christians Are Silent While the Innocent Suffer. Do you think any reasons are missing from his list?
  12. Where do you see this book going? (speaking, Bible study...)

Abortion in the American Church

The following statistics are from Care Net’s 2016 research, “Study of Women Who Have Had an Abortion & Their Views on Church.” 

  • 36% of post-abortive women were attending church once a month or more at the time of their first abortion. That's over 800,000 church-going women in the USA. (I had just quit going to church at the time of my abortion.)
  • 59% of post-abortive women expected to be judged or condemned by their church (as did I).
  • 61% of post-abortive women who attended church once a month or more did experience judgment or condemnation by their church. (I describe my experience as "the Christian cold shoulder," but I think that my church just didn't know how to respond.)
  • Women are most likely to discuss their "choice" with the father of the baby, then a medical professional, then their own mother, and then their friend(s). Church and pregnancy centers tied for 10th place. (I discussed my "choice" with the father of my baby and informed my parents and his parents of my decision.)
  • Only 19% of post-abortive women who attend church at least once per month said their church provided information on alternatives to abortion.
  • 30% of post-abortive women have had more than one abortion, according to Care-Net's statistics, but the Guttmacher Institute reports 45%. (It's my opinion that once you've had an abortion, it's easier to abort again because your soul is already dead. If I hadn't been healed by Christ, I would've had another abortion.)
  • 49% of post-abortive women agree that pastors' teachings on forgiveness don't seem to apply to abortion. That means that over 400,000 church-going women in the USA do not believe God will forgive them.
  • Only 43% of post-abortive women agree that it is safe to talk with their pastor. 
  • Only 39% of post-abortive women agree that pastors are sensitive to the pressures of unplanned pregnancy.
  • Only 38% of post-abortive women agree that churches are a safe place to discuss pregnancy options.
  • 54% of post-abortive women agree that churches over-simplify pregnancy options.

ReTested, Worship, & Worship-Based Prayer

If you are a Christian radio station that is for all ages, such as WGTS  in Washington, DC and KTIS in the Twin Cities (both of which are mentioned in ReTested), we can talk about the book without mentioning abortion because I talk about the effect of worship music on me as I was tested by life in the third section of the book.

Below are family-friendly discussion points.

Sample Interview Questions

  1. In 60 seconds, what is ReTested about?
  2. How did you learn to worship God through prayer?
  3. What books do you recommend for learning how to worship God through prayer?
  4. How did worship-based prayer affect you?
  5. What inspired you to worship God in song?
  6. How do your feelings change when you worship God by singing?
  7. What songs are on your worship playlist?
  8. Do you have any favorite hymns or do you only sing contemporary worship songs?
  9. At the end of your book, you talk about Job and how he was tested and retested. How do your responses compare to Job's responses?
  10. Where do you see this book going? (speaking, Bible studies)

Worship-focused prayer resources mentioned in Retested

Worship Music Mentioned in ReTested


My daily playlist:

“Mary, Did You Know” just speaks to me. When I sing along, I’m both confessing that Jesus is God and that the child whom I aborted had value because she was made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Speaking to Mary, the singer asks, “Did you know that when you kiss your baby, you kiss the face of God?” If I were to write new lyrics to Mark Lowry’s melody, I would ask every pregnant woman, “Did you know that when you kiss your baby, you kiss the image of God?” (Genesis 1:26-27) This song has been so healing to me that I can’t help but thank Mark Lowry.

More that move me:

Hymns and Other Traditional Music

  • “All Creatures of Our God and King”
  • “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name”
  • “Hallelujah,” the chorus in Handel’s Messiah
  • “Holy Holy Holy”
  • “I Surrender All”
  • “It Is Well”
  • “Jesus Paid It All”
  • “Joy to the World” (My pastor grandfather would have his congregation sing "Joy to the World" in the middle of summer, saying, "It's true all year long.")
  • The Lord’s Prayer” composed by Melotte
  • “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” (Doxology)
  • “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”

ReTested, Mental Illness, & Homelessness

Sample Interview Questions

I am not an expert on mental illness nor on homelessness. I can only speak to my experience as sister to two mentally ill people, one who appears to believe in Christ and one who adamantly denies Him. My ministry is about abortion. However, I would like to encourage hurting families, and for that reason only, I include the following potential discussion questions.

  1. In 60 seconds, what is ReTested about?
  2. How many siblings do you have? What are their mental illnesses?
  3. What is schizophrenia?
  4. How did their mental illnesses affect you?
    (You'll hear different answers for sister than brother. Please let me know if you want to talk about abortion in this interview or not.)
  5. Are your siblings still mentally ill? Do you expect them to be healed?
  6. What advice do you have for families who have mentally ill family members?
  7. What can churches do to help their congregants who struggle with mental illness themselves or in their families?
  8. Your brother was homeless. We often don't know how to react when we see someone who is homeless. Do you have any suggestions?
  9. Where do you see this book going? (speaking, Bible studies)

BIO: Cheryl Krichbaum

PRONUNCIATION: Share-ell (not Shirley) K-rich-bomb (not Kirch-bomb)—although it's a German last name, we pronounce it American-style: just like it is spelled. KR-itch-bomb.

AGE: I turn 50 later this year! (and not ashamed to tell anyone)

LIVES: In northern Virginia near Washington, DC; originally from Minnesota; lived south of Atlanta for a few years (I talk about all three in the book)

MARRIED: to Russ; we have two boys, who are teen/tween (Russ is not the father of my aborted baby.)

EYES: As I talk about in the book, I was born with my left eyelid closed. I have had four surgeries to open the lid, and now it doesn't like the close. My right eye acts normally. The effect is that I wink at people. Most people don't notice or don't say anything, but some people do and wonder if I'm being insincere or if I'm flirting with them. I am not flirting, but Russ didn't know that when I met him, and as a result he asked me out on a date. So, my birth defect helped me land the love of my life!

WEBSITES: CherylKrichbaum.blog, MybodyMyworship.org, ReTestedbook.com, which redirects to a page on this website FacesofAbortion.com

PROFESSION: scientific and technical writer, instructional designer, project manager, writing teacher

Cheryl Krichbaum is a speaker, writer, and creator of online Bible studies. She is passionate about speaking directly to the concerns of abortion-minded women, an audience she knows well because she used to be one of them.

Cheryl had an abortion when she was 17. Today, her daughter would be 32 years old. She honors her daughter by helping the pro-life speak directly to pro-choice concerns so that abortion in The Church is reduced from 36% to ZERO.

How can we expect God to move on the politics of abortion when The Church is littered with abortion and extra-marital sex?

Inspiration & Back story for the Faces of Abortion Series

As Cheryl describes in ReTested, she didn't want to be in the abortion conversation. She had shared her Christian testimony more than once in churches and didn't feel well-received.

But when God made it clear that He wanted Cheryl to share her story and teach others why abortion is bad for women, she got the God-inspired idea to tell the stories of many post-abortive women. "Women need to hear from women."

Because she was avoiding the abortion conversation, Cheryl didn't even know there was a #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag. After naming the book series Faces of Abortion, Cheryl learned about #ShoutYourAbortion was a thing and became even more determined to #ShoutYourAbortionRegret.

The Faces of Abortion Series will tell many stories of post-abortive, repentant Christian women (and men) who can help us understand what led them to abort, who or what influenced their "choice," and how God has reconciled with them.

The series will also include the results of studies that show the psychological effects of abortion. The goal is to equip pro-life Christians so that they know what to say in their coffee-shop and social-media conversations.

Even though Cheryl had begun asking women to share their stories for the book series, the Lord impressed on her that she needed to tell her own story first. Perhaps the world needs to understand why this topic is so close to her heart. Perhaps The Church needs to understand why abortion-minded women have closed their ears to what Christians have to say about abortion. Perhaps ReTested is about more than abortion.

In ReTested, readers will learn that every life test is an opportunity to choose Christ and follow Him—truly follow Him, not strive to get ahead of Him. Through worship-based prayer and worship music, Cheryl learned to thrive despite life's tests. Learn right along with her, whether your tests have to do with abortion or mental illness or parenting or some other topic. You, too, can be strong in the Lord. 

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