Pro-Life Pastors Corner

Do you feel compelled to preach on the Sanctity of Life but don’t know how to reach women who don’t think like you? Are you concerned about the perception of preaching on a political issue even though abortion is a spiritual issue?

As a woman who has had an abortion and is now completely free from the weight of that sin through Christ, I can say wholeheartedly that abortion is a spiritual issue first and foremost.

It breaks my heart not only that babies are lost through abortion but spiritual lives of women and men are lost, too. We Christians need to reach hearts before women are in crisis, and I would like to help you do just that.

In the Pro-Life Pastors Corner, get all of the following:

  • Pro-life Bible verses that are more convincing to the abortion-minded than Psalm 139
  • Biblical answers as to what happens to women spiritually when they abort
  • Audience analyses for abortion-minded groups that you may unknowingly have in your congregation or that your congregants may encounter in their workplace or on social media
  • Sermon illustrations
  • My time to answer your questions as they arise
  • A video testimony that you can use in your service or on your social media platforms

Do not pay me monetarily. I simply ask that you:

Contact me for access to the Pro-Life Pastors Corner.

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