Ending Abortion through Truth and Love

ReTested is the first in the Faces of Abortion Series, a pro-life response to #shoutyourabortion.

Read these stories to better understand how the abortion-minded think so that you are better equipped for your sanctity of life and sanctity of sex conversations. 

Stay tuned for more books that tell stories of post-abortive, women (and perhaps men, too) who regret their “choice.” 

Books 2 & 3

Books 2 and 3 will have many women's stories as well as research on the psychological effects of abortion.

We tell our stories not to justify what we've done but to explain how our thinking led us to abort our precious babies.

We want you to better understand how abortion-minded women think, who and what influences our decisions, and why we now think that being pro-life is pro-woman.

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